Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tobacco Review: G.L. Pease Lagonda

I wish I could just drive out to California to spend a few days at Greg Pease's workshop and learn as much as I can about blending tobaccos. Mind you I would still have much to learn, but it would certainly be one hell of a way to start the learning process.

Anywhoo... the most recent addition to Pease's Old London Series is Lagonda. Both the tin and Pease's website describe it as a bit of a latakia-heavy blend, so with fall coming I knew this was one blend I simply must try.

Upon opening the tin I was greeted by an array of various shades of brown and tan. The tobacco smelled sweeter than I was expecting, but it still had that smoky aroma that I absolutely adore. The cut is a tumbled flake - meaning the leaves had all been pressed into cakes and were then allowed to sit and ferment (allowing the aging process to essentially be kick-started) before being cut up and tumbled into what is basically a ribbon cut. As such, this blend is perfect for packing.

Once packed Lagonda lights pretty easily and delivers an immediate burst of flavor, which continues until the end of the bowl. The general flavor notes are pretty standard for an English blend (a woodsy flavor not unlike a nice campfire), but the twist with this blend is the Bright leaf - which delivers a sweetness that tingles the palate. The end result is a sweet and smoky flavor - a nice introduction to Virginia blends for English fanatics like myself.


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